Alameda County Green Party Endorsement 
of Coalition for a Democratic Pacifica

From: Hank Chapot <
Subject: Alameda County Green Party CC endorsement of Coalition

Alameda County Green party - County Council
2022 Blake Street
Berkeley CA 94704

On May 9th 1999, the County Council of the Alameda County Green Party unanimously endorsed the "Coalition for a democratic Pacifica" and it's goals. We are urging Green Party of California locals, especially in Counties within the KPFA, KPFK and KFCF signal areas, to join the effort to resolve the current crisis at Pacifica. We urge participation and support for announced picketing of Pacifica Foundation offices and cosponsorship of public events -- at best, victory rallies at the end of May. Further outreach to progressive, activist and community groups is ongoing.

The Alameda County Green Party CC supports the decision taken by Coalition members at the initial meeting April 26 to endorse the three KPFA Staff demands -- bringing back KPFA Manager Nicole Sawaya, removal of all disciplinary actions with respect to the so-called gag rule including the firing of Larry Bensky, and independent mediation of the
underlying issues -- and we affirm as a goal the intent of the original resolution unanimously passed by the KPFA Local Advisory Board: "... to democratize Pacifica".

On behalf of the Green party of Alameda County,

Hank Chapot. 5/10/99

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