9 April 1999 
Media Contact: Elan Fabbri 
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Pacifica Radio's Sunday Salon Cancelled

9 April 1999 ­ Berkeley, CA ­ Pacifica Radio's weekly public affairs program, Sunday Salon has been cancelled. The show's last broadcast was Sunday, April 4th. 

Sunday Salon was launched in January, as proposed by host Larry Bensky. Mr. Bensky's April 4th on-air attack of Pacifica Radio Foundation and members of its management was a direct violation of Pacifica policy, as well as his AFTRA union contract, both of which prohibit airing personal grievances on the air. Pacifica has no plans to replace Sunday Salon, nor to offer Mr. Bensky a new contract. 

Larry Bensky has been involved with Pacifica and its Berkeley station, KPFA intermittently over the last thirty years, both as a volunteer and paid staff member, at one time holding the position of national affairs correspondent. "Pacifica appreciates the contributions Mr. Bensky has made to the organization and wishes him the very best in his future endeavors," said Pacifica Executive Director Lynn Chadwick. 

Pacifica Foundation is the non-profit parent of Pacifica Radio Network, comprised of KPFA, KPFK, KPFT, WBAI & WPFW in Berkeley, Los Angeles, Houston, New York and Washington DC, respectively. Pacifica Foundation created the world's first listener-sponsored radio as a group of conscientious objectors sought a medium in which to speak out against the military force of World War II. The organization's mission is:

  • To promote cultural diversity and pluralistic community expression;
  • To contribute to a lasting understanding between individuals of all nations, races, creeds and colors;
  • To promote freedom of the press and serve as a forum for various viewpoints; and
  • To maintain an independent funding base.
1999 marks Pacifica's 50th anniversary of broadcasting radio with vision.

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