CPB Board Response to the Inspector General's Report

Here is the text of the official finding of the CPB Board in response to the Inspector General's audit.

The finding was written and passed by the board BEFORE they had heard from Take Back KPFA or Jack O'Dell. O'Dell was the person who spoke for Pacifica. We also have his talk which is depressingly full of inaccuracies - to put it gently. Pat Scott was there as well but did not speak.

Jeffrey will post an assessment based on his experience there. I'll hold my comments on this extraordinary piece of linguistic and political Orwellianism until after his posting.

---Maria Gilardin

Here is the CPB text:

"The CPB Board appreciates the efforts of the representatives of Pacifica and of Take Back KPFA to provide information which has enhanced our understanding of the report of the Inspector General. The CPB Board accepts the Inspector General's finding that no actions by Pacifica were such to warrant denial or reduction of CPB grants. Specifically, the Board concurs with the Inspector General's conclusion that Pacifica's strategic planning retreats were, in fact, retreats and that they complied with open meeting guidelines.

In fact, the Board wishes to commend Pacifica for actions taken in recent years to strengthen and improve operations and programming. The board also accepts the Inspector General's further recommendation, which he made in further conversations with the Board, that codification of the Communications Act and Certification Requirements for CPB Station Recipients would be useful in avoiding any possible misinterpretations in the future.

The CPB wishes to re-emphasize its commitment to compliance with its requirements for open meetings, timely notification and good record- keeping."

Handed out at the 5/19/97 CPB Board meeting.

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