Unfair Labor Practices:
WBAI's Paul DeRienzo Victim of Anti-Union Retaliation by GM Valerie Van Isler
Paul needs your support now!

Date sent:       Wed, 20 Jan 1999
From:            Paul DeRienzo <pdr@echonyc.com>
Subject:         Unfair labor retaliation by Valerie Van Isler

As a strong supporter of Pacifica's goals I have held back from any direct
criticisms of an institution that I have dedicated a good chunk of my life
towards. Recent actions by WBAI GM Valerie Van Isler have forced me to
make my feelings public. I am coming under attack because I have decided
to pursue a grievance through the United Electrical workers union and the
National Labor Relations Board alleging unfair labor practices by Ms. Van
Isler. I was perfectly willing to allow that complaint to wend its way
through the process while contributing without pay to the WBAI Evening
News. As of today I have been informed that my work has been banned from
the news due to a direct order from Ms. Van Isler. I have been a popular
contributor to the news for the past 10 years. When the news director
brought up the fact that I also have a late night show (Let 'em Talk on
Thursday's at 1:30 AM, which has been on the air for the past 7 years) she
said "not for long." There is currently a top level meeting going on at
WBAI to decide my fate. 

Please direct phone calls of support to 
Program Director Samori Marksman at 212-209-2800 
or write c/o WBAI 120 Wall
Street, New York, NY.

Thanks for your support
Paul DeRienzo

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