Pacifica's new contracts for affiliate stations contain gag clause...
KOOP-FM reports:

The following report was presented to KOOP-FM's Board of Trustees at their meeting on August 25, 1997.

The GM report says.... -------------- Pacifica is offering a free KU downlink. They want stations to sign up for four years for the program. It has been pointed out to stations that the contract for both basic news service as well as the KU downlink now have a clause saying..."Pacifica may terminate this Agreement if it does not receive any quarterly payment within 30 days of the due date...or if Station dilutes the good will associated with Pacifica's name." A number of stations around the country, especially those at the Grassroots Radio Coalition, are concerned about this because the first part of the clause is harsh for community radio stations who struggle with cash flow and also because the second part is very broad and vague. Pacifica considers informational messages and disclaimers, to fall under the second category, Marty Durlin from KGNU and Cathy Melio from WERU, spokespeople for the coalition are working to find consensus amongst radio stations on how to handle this contract wording -- whether to just sign it, then challenge it, or to change it, then sign it, etc. -- so that we present a unified front to Pacifica. Fortunatly the contract doesn't start until October so there is time to discuss this further amongst and within stations. ---------------

Comrade Odekirk -- KOOP-FM Community Board Member, Program Producer

We will continue to monitor this issue as it develops --editor

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