Joint Statement of Free Pacifica
presented to the Pacifica National Board of Directors
June 14, 1998

We are hoping that the departure of Pat Scott from Pacifica will open the door to democratic and accountable conduct within the Pacifica organization and radio stations.  The three-year tenure of Pat Scott as executive director of the Pacifica Foundation has resulted in a series of actions that have damaged Pacifica's reputation for integrity and destroyed public trust:

In order to begin the work of restoring public trust and returning Pacifica to its mission of community-participatory media, we call for the following:
Nick  Alexander (unpaid staff, KPFA) 
Randolph Anderson (New York)
Bud  Beede (San Jose, CA) 
Sharon  Gregory (Unpaid Staff producer, WBAI NY) 
Philip Alade Ajofoyinbo (Los Angeles) 
Lauren  Ayers (KPFA Local Advisory Board member)
Olivia  Bartlett ( Mountain View, CA)
Altaf A.  Bhimji (S.F. Bay Area)
Mark S. Bilk (S.F.Bay Area)
Jeff  Blankfort (S.F. Bay Area)
Ronald  Bleier (New York)
Brother Shine (Shop Steward, WBAI)
Tom  Camarella (Los Angeles)
Jan Cannavan (Boston)
Bill Carpenter (S.F Bay Area)
Vic Chaubey (Long Beach, CA)
Bryan Cook (Glendale, CA)
Govinda Dalton (S.F. Bay Area)
LaRonda R. Davis (New York)
Carol  Denney (S.F. Bay Area)
Jim Dingeman (New York)
Elizabeth Esterly (San Jose, CA)
Bob Feldman (Boston)
Peter  Franck (former President, The Pacifica Foundation)
Lyn  Gerry (Los Angeles)
Maria  Gilardin (S.F. Bay Area)
Gil  Gilmore (Norwalk, CT)
Nyla  Gladden (S.F. Bay Area)
John Glass (former KPFK staff)
Bob  Gonsalves (Crockett, CA)
Lenny  Gray (Sacramento)
Joshua  Greenland (S.F. Bay Area)
Leif Halvorson  (Vallejo, Ca)
Debbie  Haynes (New York)
Patty Heffley (New York)
Werner  Hertz (S.F. Bay Area)
Claude Horvath (engineer, WBAI) 
Jane  Hunter (Sacramento)
Hep Ingham (Houston)
Thom  Irwin (Los Angeles)
Vince  Ivory (Los Angeles)
Lloyd Karch (Los Angeles)
Jeanie  Keltner (Sacramento)
Ralph  Klaber (New York, NY)
Janice  Leber (S.F. Bay Area)
Siu Hin Lee (Los Angeles)
Robert  Leedy (Former unpaid staff, KPFA) 
Carol  Liu (New York)
Daa'iya  Lomax (Shop Secretary, Unpaid Staff WBAI NY)
Frank  Lusardi (New York)
Erroll Maitland (Shop Steward, WBAI, New York)
Bill Mandel (former KPFA programmer, S.F. Bay Area)
Jonathan J. Markowitz (Los Angeles)
Constance Marsh (Redwood City, CA)
Stephen Andrew Marshall (New York)
R. Paul  Martin (Chief Steward, UE Local 404, WBAI)
Alice Martineau (Mountain View, CA)
John Martinez (Los Angeles)
Raymond Meyer (Palo Alto, CA)
Bill  Mitchell (Los Angeles)
Philip David Morgan (New York)
Sandy  Munro (Los Angeles)
AnthonyNavarro (Los Angeles)
Kiilu  Nyasha (S.F. Bay Area)
Hebard  Olsen (Monterey, CA)
Pacifica Accountability Committee (Los Angeles)
Mitchell Plitnick (S.F. Bay Area)
Rick Potthoff (Houston)
John Randolph (New York)
Shawn  Rhodes (Unpaid Staff producer, WBAI )
Ann  Rosebrook (San Jose, CA)
Mimi  Rosenberg (Unpaid Staff producer, WBAI NY)
Seth  Sandronsky (Sacramento, CA)
Bob  Santucci (Unpaid Staff producer, WBAI NY)
Members of Save Our Station (WBAI, New York)
Mike Schiff (New York)
Max  Schmid (Producer/Operations, WBAI)
Pamela  Somers (New York) 
Dorothy Sunday (San Jose, CA)
Sue Supriano (former unpaid staff, KPFA)
Marianne  Torres (S.F. Bay Area)
Jesse  Walker (Washington, DC)
Thom Whelan (Shop Steward, WBAI, New York)
Wayne  White (Los Angeles)
Joan  Wilderman (Campbell, CA)
Sybil  Wong (unpaid staff and former Business Director at WBAI) 
Chuck Zlatkin  (New York)
 Hale Zukas 
Members of the Grassroots News Network Patrick  Burkhart 
Terry  Calahan  
John  Dolley  
Arnica Ellergrace  
 Morning  Ellergrace 
 Tamara  Ford  
 Dean Garrett  
Torrence Gettrell  
Tammy  Gomez 
 Carol  Hayman  
Les  Jacobs  
Jane  Madrigal  
 Marion  Nickerson  
C. P. Odekirk  
Jose Orta  
 Amanda  Plaisannse  
 Joe Ptak 
 Pam Thompson  
 Tony  Truong  
 Eduardo Vera 
Isaiah  Villarreal  
Chris  Womack 
If you would like to add your name to the list of signers, e-mail us.
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