Gagmaster Schubb on "dirty laundry"  -- a listener replies
Below is a notice posted outside the control room at KPFK. The sections that appear here in all-caps are in italics in the actual posting.

Vince Ivory, KPFK producer

"Stealing the Laundromat" - a listener replies

As a Pacifica listener, I personally would think enormously MORE of
Pacifica radio for discussing its governance issues as a regular part
of programming.  It would give people an example of how authentic
democratic conversations can be carried out in a public sphere.  The
idea that such discussions will make people "SIMPLY THINK LESS OF US"
is based on an alienated concept of the listener as "consumer".  No,
the Pacifica listener is not a consumer; they are THE SPONSOR.  *THE
SPONSOR* will not think less of their station for knowing what is
going on with it.

But I must point out, the current discussion is not about *dirty
laundry*.  It is in fact about the *theft of the laundromat*.

Lee Altenberg, Ph.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Information and Computer Sciences
University of Hawaii at Manoa

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