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Listeners and staff of WBAI (99.5 FM) demonstrated outside the station's Wall Street office yesterday, warning of a 'naked power grab' that would silence the community's voice in how 'BAI is run.

The Pacifica foundation, which runs WBAI and four other stations, plans to consider a proposed bylaw change this weekend that would remove Local Advisory Board (commmunity) representatives from the foundation board.

The proposed change 'is a naked power grab aimed at concentrating ownership of the Foundation in the hands of a very few people,' demonstrators charged.

They expressed concern the board could sell WBAI, which is worth more than $100 million, or turn it into 'a carbon copy
of the corporate, homogeneous radio networks.'  The 50-year-old Pacifica has been a forum for radical and nonmainstream views in politics, health care and other areas.

Demonstrators also blasted the station's gag rule, which prohibits hosts from discussing station matters like the bylaw changes or an ongoing contract dispute.  A petition that will be presented to the Foundation this weekend suggests a 'regularly scheduled an uncensored report to the listeners' on station issues.

Pacifica Chair Mary Frances Berry has denied there is 'any attempt' to ignore community input in Pacifica decisions or that
there is any plan to sell WBAI.

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