The Politics of Public Radio... a panel discussion, took place at the second Media and Democracy Congress - a gathering of alternative media people - in New York City in October 1997. The first Media and Democracy Congress was held in San Francisco in 1996. At the 1996 event, Pat Scott, Pacifica CEO, was given a "media hero" award, and all critics of the Scott regime were barred from making presentations, by the organizers, the Institute for Alternative Journalism. One year later, the furor regarding what has been occurring at Pacifica could not be ignored .

Several speakers on the panel addressed issues at Pacifica:

Robert McChesney (moderator),
Media Scholar and Community Broadcaster
transcript mpeg audio
Pat Scott,
Pacifica CEO
transcript mpeg audio
Lynne Chadwick,
Acting GM, KPFA
transcript mpeg audio
Norman Solomon,
journalist and media critic
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Question and Answer:
Workers and Listeners speak out
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