Minutes of the LA Labor Delegation's Oct 3, 1996 meeting with Pat Scott and Mark Schubb

Pat Scott and Mark Schubb
KPFK 3729 Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 91604

October 5, 1996

Dear Mark and Pat,

We are writing regarding the agreements that were reached at the meeting held at KPFK on Thursday, Oct. 3, 1996. Trade unionists present at the meeting were:

Maria Elena Durazo of HERE, Local 11, and Christina Vasquez of UNITE were both unable to attend due to crises within their own organizations which required their presence.

While recognizing that there is much controversy at KPFK: regarding programming, on air changes, 'centralization vs. community programming', etc., etc., our meeting dealt with none of those issues. The meeting held on October 3rd was called specifically and narrowly to deal with concerns regarding the state of labor/management relations at the station, and charges that KPFK had hired a union busting law firm to negotiate for station management.

This rather unusual meeting took place because KPFK is in a rather unusual position. Most of us view the station as part of 'our community', and value greatly the work the station has done in giving information and analysis that is simply not available on other stations. KPFK has provided air time for community voices and viewpoints that are elsewhere excluded, and by doing so has enriched the quality of public debate and dialogue.

In a period where progressive channels of communication are constricting, the role of KPFK becomes even more critical. Because this period is characterized by escalating attacks on working people and the unions that represent us, we believe that KPFK's management style, and 'code of conduct', should be above reproach and serve as a model for the community at large.

Because of our awareness of the continuing attacks on public media, we would like to strongly support KPFK, as a station that is community sponsored and pro-labor in its orientation. Many of us have felt unable to do so, based on continuing controversy over stalled contract negotiations, charges of union busting, continued 'shrinking' of positions covered by union contract, and general labor/management rancor at KPFK, and other Pacifica stations.

We believe that this meeting has taken a step forward toward resolving some basic response of contention.

It is our understanding that the following agreements were reached on October 3rd:

1) KPFK shall terminate any and all relationship between the station and ACG, Human Resources, Glen Haynes, and any other persons or agreements currently in effect with ACG, or ACG under any other name.

KPFK management agrees that no relationships with any persons or firms that have a history of union busting, or are on the AFL-CIO unfair list shall be initiated now or at any time in the future.

KPFK management agrees that a committee made of up [sic] labor union representatives (designated by this group) will provide the station with a list of lawyers or law firms that have worked with management, and who have the respect of both labor and management. KPFK management will choose from those listings in the future, as well as now, should the new lawyers (Rexford {Rexon?) and Marcial) turn out to be problematic. We understand that management has its own interests, and that the lawyer retained will act as the chief negotiator for the station, and will represent the interests of KPFK management during negotiations.

We want to accept Pat Scott's proposal regarding utilization of a similar process in Northern California, and will provide you with names of union people from that area who can assist you and KPFA management with a similar list of lawyers, etc.

2) KPFK agrees to the goal of settling contract negotiations within 30 days. These negotiations should begin shortly . These negotiations should begin shortly after the pledge drive is concluded.

3) KPFK agrees that all non-managerial personnel shall be covered by the union contract.

4) KPFK agrees that there shall be two labor seats on the KPFK advisory board. The people filling those seats shall be chosen from a list provided to KPFK by the trade unionists present at the October 3rd meeting.

It was agreed that KPFK management would send a letter to U.E specifying each of these points, and would send a blind copy to us.

If we do [sic] hear from you with any corrections or additions to this record of the Oct. 3rd. meeting, these minutes will stand as the collective which resulted from our interchange.

Yours in Struggle,

Sabina Virgo, for the trade union delegation

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