The "Screw You" Letter

The following letter was written to WBAI's public affairs director. He had complained that his show was taken off the satellite.

The following reply is from Pacifica's Director of National Programming. It is written on Pacifica stationary.

March 10,1997

TO: Mario Murillo and anyone else who gives a shit.

From: Gail Christian

RE: Response to your letter.

Gee, Mario I wish we were all as good as you are then there wouldn't be any problems.

I'm really sorry none of the stations wanted your program. Maybe if you put the time into the show that you spent on your ass-hole letter then maybe things would have been differently.(sic)

So as they say out West,"Screw you and the horse you rode up on."

PS from Maria: needless to say that Mario is one of the best programmers on Pacifica today.

Also: Gail refused to apologize and I understand this letter was followed by a phone call in the same style.

Maria Gilardin

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