WBAI Local Advisory Board Resolution
on Proposed Pacifca Governance Changes

The following resolution was adopted by the WBAI LAB, 23 February 1999, and will be presented to the Pacifica National Board by the WBAI representatives at the national board meeting 2/27/99.

Andy Norris, secretary to the LAB

Whereas the WBAI Local Advisory Board  (LAB) is aware of the letter of 9/14/98 from Robert Coonrod, the President of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), to Pat Scott regarding separation of powers between the local and national boards; and

1) the WBAI LAB is concerned that the National Board has not had time to develop proposals that would be satisfactory to CPB, to the stations and most importantly to the listening community;

2) the WBAI LAB is concerned that all alternatives have not been adequately presented, explored and discussed;

3) no evidence has been presented that the Pacifica LABs cannot nominate a majority of national members and still remain in compliance with CPB;

4) this matter has been brought to our attention by a CounterPunch article which raises serious questions about open discussion
of Pacifica policy;

5) an article from the San Francisco Bay Guardian of 2/17/99 presents the opinion of CPB Vice President Richard Madden to the
effect that there are many ways in which Pacifica can remain in compliance and still maintain local community involvement at the national level;

6) no evidence has been presented that the loss of CPB funding is imminent or that any official notice has been given to Pacifica that it is to lose CPB funding;

7) the process by which CPB could remove funding, the associated hearings, due process and appeals to which Pacifica is entitled, and the full rights of Pacifica before CPB have not been presented adequately;

8) Pacifica has yet to engage in constructive dialogue with CPB to explore mutually satisfactory solutions;

Therefore, be it resolved that the WBAI LAB recommends and respectfully insists that the Board should not take unwarranted and precipitous action, and specifically, that no change in by-laws be considered which in any way diminish the local community input on the national board.

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