WORT Board takes a stand on Pacifica ====================================================

In its meeting last night, 4/15/99, the Board of Directors of WORT, 89.9 FM
in Madison, WI, decided to take the following measures in response to the
deteriorating situation at Pacifica:

1) The Board will sign a letter circulated by station managers of Pacifica
affiliate stations.

2) The Board will draft and send its own letter, describing WORT's own
experience with strife related to authoritarian station management and the
fact that since more democratic procedures and a greater openness to the
community have been instituted (including killing the gag rule), the
station's financial situation has improved and its community standing has
grown. Thus, WORT's experience stands in direct contradiction to the theory
that "better" community radio is run by "experts" and through "discipline"
for those who don't toe the line they had no voice in establishing.

3) Informational announcements about the situation at Pacifica will be
reinstituted before and/or after Pacifica programs broadcast on WORT.

This report is non-official but accurate, filed by me as an individual
programmer/listener and not as a representative of the station in any way.

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