Adelson et al v Pacifica Discovery Documents
The Plaintiffs, who are Local Advisory Board members and contributors of defendant PACIFICA FOUNDATION, have brought this action to restrain the unlawful and undemocratic actions of a majority of the Foundationís Board of Directors. The Board of Directors, without proper notice and in excess of  its lawful authority, has purported to amend the Foundationís bylaws to eliminate the membershipís role in the election of directors and to thereby create a self-perpetuating Board without any accountability to the members and subscribers of the Foundation. Unless restrained, the Board now threatens to utilize its newly created powers to abandon the mission and historic role of the Pacifica radio network and threatens to sell one or more of the Foundationís five radio stations.

These documents are from  Adelson et al v Pacifica, aka "The LAB Suit"  one of three lawsuits in progress seeking to reclaim Pacifica Radio and return it to its mission. For a detailed explanation of the allegations of the lawsuits against the Pacifica Directorate, please see the explanation of the lawsuits

We will add documents and transcripts of the proceedings as we get them.

Contribute to a joint fund to support all three lawsuits. The legal effort urgently needs whatever support you can give. It's the only thing that really scares the Pacifica Board.

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2/8/01 Deposition of Pacifica Board Chair David Acosta
2/7/01  Deposition of KPFT General Manager Garland Ganter
2/6/01 Deposition of Pacifica Treasurer Micheal Palmer
11/21/00 Deposition of Former Pacifica ED Lynn Chadwick Vol 1