Free Pacifica Radio!
Our Mission
We believe in fearless free speech and we want it back on the air at Pacifica Radio.

We believe the decisions about our stations should be made by the representatives of all the communities which have a stake in Pacifica Radio and should occur in an open, accountable, community-oriented process....something now lacking at Pacifica.

Who are "We"?
Listener-sponsors from various stations, staff paid and unpaid, banned people, free speech activists from other states, folks from affiliates and other community stations, Free Radio pirate broadcasters, activists,  artists, people with various political philosophies, people with no particular political philosophy, gardeners, outcasts, writers, radical wrestling and fighting fanatics, comic book freaks, bisexuals, eclectic readers,  low-level corporate techno-droids, musicians, the occasional well-meaning gun nut and people who want to hear some visionary, wild and crazy radio. . . .

 We are united in our committment to radio as a tool for empowering people to create a just and peaceful world.

The statement above was drafted in 1996 through an on-line collaborative group process..

About the Sitekeeper

Hello, my name is Lyn Gerry and I have been the keeper of this website since October 1996. I have received a few requests from people suggesting I provide some biographical information.

I am a former staff member, paid and unpaid, as well as a former listener sponsor of KPFK-FM in Los Angeles. In 1995, while a member of the paid staff of KPFK, I became aware that changes were being made by the Board and Management of Pacifica Foundation that in my view were destructive, inconsistent with Pacifica Radio's traditional mission, and, I am now convinced, criminal. When I began to seek some answers in 1995, I discovered that there were people all over the country who were similarly engaged in resistance to these changes and trends. By means of the Internet, we were able to join forces to work to save the stations we love. Many people have contributed material to this site, and I have credited them by name. Items which are unsigned in most cases were written by me, except in instances where the writer wishes to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals by Pacifica Management. This is a real fear. I am one of the many people who was expelled from the organization for opposing what can only be described as a hostile takeover.  Those of us fighting to preserve Pacifica's tradition have been slandered, libelled and in some cases banned. This website is an attempt to document what has occurred, explore solutions and organize resistance.