Letter from "Friendly Palo Alto" 7/28/99

 An open letter to Mary Frances Berry, President, Pacifica Foundation  from Paul George, Director, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, located  in "friendly" Palo Alto...
 Dear Dr. Berry,
 In his news conference today, Pacifica Board member Pete Bramson had
 this to say:  "With a small portion of the  proceeds of the sale of
 KPFA, [board member] Acosta proposed that Pacifica set up another
 Northern California station--perhaps in Palo Alto which Mary Berry said
 might be a friendlier city than Berkeley."
 If your statement is reported accurately, then I can only say that it is
 further proof that you simply have no understanding of what this crisis
 is all about nor what you have wrought.  This isn't a "Berkeley" thing.
 You have assaulted freedom of speech, you have sought to destroy a
 community institution that is clearly loved and valued by people
 throughout the Bay Area.  You have insulted and discounted thousands of
 decent, hard-working people who truly care about KPFA and what it
 Palo Alto is a very friendly city.  But if you assume that people here
 are any more tolerant of your elitist, heavy-handed tactics than are
 people anywhere else in the Bay Area, you are very badly mistaken.
 On Saturday, hundreds of residents of Palo Alto and the surrounding
 communities will be boarding chartered buses, joining carpools, getting
 on public transit to travel to Berkeley to demand the return of their
 station and your resignation.  I know this for a fact.
 I hereby offer you an open invitation to come to friendly Palo Alto and
 listen to what the listeners and supporters of KPFA who live here have
 to say to you.  Please call me at your convenience at (650) 326-8837 to
 set a date.
 Paul George
 Peninsula Peace and Justice Center
 457 Kingsley Avenue
 Palo Alto, CA 94301

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