The CPB, The Nation and Pacifica Radio - CPB's  Sagner Complicit in Pacifica Cover-up

Editors note: CPB Board Chair Alan Sagner has played a very specific role in supporting the present Pacifica Management in their drive toward "professionalization" and centralization, and cooperated with them in their attempts to avoid public scrutiny. Sagner was at the helm of CPB in 1997 when his Board set aside the audit of their own Inspector General. This audit was performed in response to a complaint filed with the CPB by  Take Back KPFA, a Bay Area community group opposing the current trends at Pacifica. Take Back KPFA's complaint charged Pacifica Foundation with failing to hold open meetings and to make minutes of these meetings available.  Inspector General Joe Arvisu's report confimed the validity of these charges, as well as other violations. Pacifica complained and a hearing was scheduled in Washington. Pacifica CEO Pat Scott and Pacifica Board Chair Jack O'Dell flew to Washington, and with Pacifica's lawyer, met privately with CPB officials the day before the hearing. On the day of the hearing, before any testimony had been presented, a statement praising Pacifica was issued was issued by the CPB Board which Sagner chaired.  Meanwhile, Pacifica station KPFK had begun the production of RadioNation, which was being advertised in the Nation Magazine as a co-production. Radio Nation, now heard on 120 stations has contributed to the visibility of the Nation by potential subscribers. Though Radio Nation is produced by a non-profit spin-off, the Nation Institute, Radio Nation programs provide subscription information for the Nation Magazine on a routine basis.

Unknown is what role Sagner or others may have played in impeding investigation on Take Back KPFA's complaint. In a period of a year and half, 2 investigators were put of their jobs before they could complete investigations of Pacifica. Another left for ill health. The last, and fourth investigator, Arvizu had his report set aside, was essentially made to recant and is, a year later also no longer with the CPB.

Below, investigative reporter Bob Feldman documents the connection between the CPB, Clinton-Gore Fundraisers, the Nation Magazine and Pacifica Radio.

Nation Magazine's CPB Connection
by Bob Feldman
The Nation magazine has apparently not been eager to quickly  endorse the
campaign to immediately restore Free Speech to Pacifica's airwaves and
immediately democratize the way Pacifica Radio stations are governed.  One
reason may be because the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Chairperson
between September 1996 and September 1997--Clinton-Gore Campaign
Fundraiser Alan Sagner--was, according to the Sept. 22, 1997 issue of
Current, a "part backer of The Nation."

After his term as CPB Chairperson ended, Sagner apparently continued to
sit on the CPB board of directors until his term as a director expired at
the end of 1998.  The Nation magazine's "part backer" was, thus,
apparently one of the Clinton White House appointees who approved former
Voice of America Deputy Director/Radio-TV Marti Supervisor Robert
Coonrod's selection as CPB President/CEO.  The Nation magazine's "part
backer" (who is also one of the largest real estate developers in
north-central New Jersey), was also, apparently, one of the CPB board
members responsible for allowing the current situation of free speech
denial and listener-sponsor/staff disenfranchisement at the CPB-funded
Pacifica radio stations to develop,

Another person connected to The Nation's corporate hierarchy, Nation
Institute Director and former MacArthur Foundation "Genius Grant" Program
Director Catharine Stimpson, represents WNET/Channel 13's management on
the PBS board of directors.


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