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We have tried to compile comprehensive information about the current crisis at Pacifica Radio. The material has been separated into categories by issue. Some documents are hard to classify, and apply to more than one category. The divisions are intended for convenience; none of the issues stands alone. All are inter-related. They represent the assault on community radio at Pacifica ... by its current management. We hope this information will raise consciousness and inspire the community to act before Pacifica is destroyed ... from within.

History of Pacifica
The writings in this section deal with the founding of Pacifica: the principles and the realties. Those now in control are striving to rewrite the past in order to justify their present actions. They call their plan to corporatize the administration and "professionalize" the programming "a new vision." This is hardly new. Thousands of money-making radio stations can testify to the "success" of this approach. But, how do we define "success" in terms of Pacifica's mission?

Press Clippings
This is a collection of print and other coverage of the situation. The articles address various facets of the issue. They are grouped by geographical area and listed by date.

Pacifica Against Its Workers
This section is devoted to the attempts by the Scott regime to disempower those who work at Pacifica stations, whether paid or unpaid. This section covers the attack on the unions, and the hiring of union-busters with the subscribers' funds. They tried to conceal this from the public, and to lie about it when it leaked. Here's the info they don't want you to know about.

The CPB Complaint
This section deals with the secrecy that now surrounds decisions about policy and finance. Meetings of Pacifica's Board of Directors have been closed to the public under the guise of "retreats" since the Scott takeover in 1995. Minutes of those meetings have now been made "confidential documents." These meetings have always been open in the past. In fact, open meetings are a requirement to receive funding from the government's Corporation For Public Broadcasting (CPB). Pacifica receives about 15 percent of its budget from the CPB. The situation is so bad that listeners have had to file a complaint to try to get the meetings opened. What the Scott regime trying to hide?

Who Decides?
We are seeking a democratic, accountable, community-oriented structure for Pacifica's future. We do not believe that instituting a centralized, authoritarian, secret governance based on the corporate paradigm is the answer. It is both incompatible with the mission and will stifle the creativity and originality that has distinguished Pacifica stations for half a century.

Pacifica Documents
This section contains internal Pacifica documents we have obtained. They deal in the areas of changes in programming direction and organizational structure. This section also contains reports on internal machinations at Pacifica regarding governance. The Scott administration has been attempting to keep discussions on these matters from reaching the level of public debate. Gag orders (also in this section) have been issued.

Community Responses
News of the problems within Pacifica have been spreading. Other grassroots radio stations, organizations and individuals have taken action in solidarity with workers and dissidents. We are hoping the broader community will get involved.

Follow the Money
Financial secrecy has been a hallmark of the takeover of Pacifica. Arbitron ratings, a system designed to gauge audience for the purpose of selling advertising are now becoming a motivating force in planning. Financial security has been used as the justification. We have included all the financial data available to give people an actual picture of the situation. The assets of the Pacifica Foundation are worth over $100 million. Why are finances being discussed in secret?

How You Can Help
Your help is needed to save Pacifica. Some suggestions are here. We welcome more. We welcome action most. Get involved!

Mailing List
How to join our e-mail discussion group and links to other sites dealing with similar issues. The struggle for Pacifica does not exist in vacuum but as part of a movement to create democratic media worldwide.

Micro Radio
People are reclaiming the airwaves through the micropower broadcasting movement. Here's a list of links to find out more about Free Radio.

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