Follow the Money
This section contains various types of financial material relating to Pacifica's income, expenditures and approach.

The Arbitron Game

Arbitron ratings are an audience measuring device used by commercial broadcasters to determine listenership in order set advertising rates. Pacifica, and other non-commercial radio stations are increasingly, and many feel inappropriately, relying on these figures to plan programming. The new CPB funding proposals from the right wing Congress are fueling this, as they are intending to make funding contingent on the size of listenership. Nothing in any of this addresses the relevance of the content-----we already know enormous listenership could be gained by more mainstream programming----what is the point of that, we ask?  Should Pacifica Radio's proud tradition of free speech and free thought be subverted to fullfil a desire on the part of Pacifica management's desire to increase their salaries and hob-nob at Washington, DC coctail parties?

Arbitron Tutorial

Financial Discussions
  • Finance Committee Minutes-10/94
  • -The Finance Committee of the Pacifica National is at the center of the decision making which is transferring increasing amounts of money to the national entity.
  • Finance Committee Minutes-6/95
  • - The decision is made to close a future meetings of the Finance Committee to the public.
  • Finance Committee Minutes 9/95

  • top secret by order of the Pacifica National Board
  • Finance Committee Minutes 2/96

  • top secret by order of the Pacifica National Board
  • Finance Committee Minutes 6/96

  • top secret by order of the Pacifica National Board

    Financial Data

    This section contains financial data from IRS 990 tax returns and other financial documents.

  • IRS 990 - Fiscal Year 1996
  • IRS 990-Fiscal Year 1995
  • IRS 990-Fiscal Year 1994
  • IRS 990-Fiscal Year 1993
  • IRS 990-Fiscal Year 1992

  • Your Money

    This section contains reports on on-air and off-air fundraising,  telemarketing efforts and fundraising letters sent out to the community, as well as the growing questions of financial misconduct by Pacifica Management.

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