Pacifica against its Workers

This section contains documents demonstrating the new adversarial attitude toward workers, both union and non-union, typified by the Scott administration. Workers at KPFA, Berkeley; WBAI, New York and KPFK, Los Angeles are represented by the United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of America(UE). The Pacifica National News Bureau is represented by AFTRA, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. All other workers are non-union. 

The Union Busters
The National Labor Relations Board Cases
The Unions Speak
Sordid Details
Union Contract Negotiations
The Employee Handbooks

The Union Busters

  • More than $60,000 spent
  • - New info from WBAI UE steward, as of November 1996, Pacifica management has spent over $60,000 to fight its workers
  • The Report on Union Busting
  • - This report, by a former KPFK UE steward, first documented the use of American Consulting Group against workers---released May 1996.
  • Supporting Document #1
  • - A partial list of American Consulting Group Clients---taken from a video tape promoting their anti-union services.
  • Supporting Document #2
  • - An image of National Labor Relations Board correspondence documenting Pacifica's connection with the American Consulting Group.
  • Supporting Document #3
  • - An image of a page from an ACG publication "Understanding and Defeating the Union Health Care Organizer"---it makes clear the type of services ACG provides.
  • Supporting Document #4
  • - An image of a page of an AFL-CIO union-busters report on ACG.
  • Supporting Document #5
  • - U.S. government statistics from the Department of Labor, showing levels at which ACG has been compensated.
  • Supporting Document #6
  • - Transcript of an ACG promotional video --or hear the soundtrack.
  • Supporting Document #7
  • - Eyewitness account of ACG tactics by Fred Hirsch, an organizer with the Teamsters/TomaTek campaign in California.
    The NLRB Case

    NLRB files complaint against Pacifica for Unfair Labor Practices - Press Release from UE local 404 at WBAI and text of the complaint 5/19/99

    The Management of WBAI filed a motion in May, 1996 to have its unpaid staff excluded from the union, as well as any staff member with financial responsibilities.

     UE also has a current unfair labor practice charge pending against WBAI/ Pacifica.    Click here for more info on NLRB case #2-CA-29563


    The Unions Speak

    Sordid Details

    From Coast to Coast, the hallmark of the new Pacifica is the contemptuous treatment of staff, whether paid or unpaid.

    Union Contract Negotiations
  • Current Contract Negotiations at WBAI - From the WBAI Union Page (updated as needed)
  • The "Contract From Hell"
  • - This is the proposal from management, written by union busters, which would exclude most of the union members, prohibit labor actions and make grievances more costly. This version was submitted at KPFK, Los Angeles.
  • KPFK's Long Standing Contract
  • - Terminated by management in September 1995.
  • KPFK's Union's Recent Proposal
  • - In contrast to the "contract from hell".
  • KPFA's Previous Contract
  • - It has since expired and been terminated by management. They have presented workers with another version of "The Contract from Hell," which rolls back worker rights and participation, including the attempt to remove many of workers from the CBU, create special classes of workers, forbid labor actions or discussion of labor matters -- the whole stinking pile.
  • KPFA Stewards memo to the CBU
  • - an analysis of the management proposal, why it should be rejected (it was) 7/30/97
  • KPFA Workers Sign Divisive Contract -- Lay-off's Follow
  • WBAI's Current Contract
  • - Link to WBAI's Union Page.
    for contract negotiation updates at WBAI
    The Employee Handbooks
  • The 1996 Pacifica Employee Handbook
  • - this exemplifies the new corporate attitude.
  • The Notorious "Strip Search" Handbook
  • - This was a proposed earlier draft which came out in February 1995. When it became public it caused such controversy that it was even mentioned in Alexander Cockburn's Beat the Devil column. It was repudiated by Pacifica management which made various denials that included the statement that it hadn't been read by anyone. It was certainly edited by at least one person in the Pacifica National Office, as the text shows. We have put "draft"all over it for the sake of accuracy.

    Some of the "lowlights"-----

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