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Hundreds of low-watt radio transmitters are on the air. They are part of the Free Radio movement, which rejects the current regulatory situation: that only those with a great deal of money may have a voice on the airwaves. We have listed links to a number of Free Radio sites. They are expanding the boundaries of Free Speech Broadcasting.

An interesting article -- did you know the NFCB and NPR had a great deal to do with low-power broadcasting becoming illegal?

  • Free Radio Berkeley
  • - contains info on Free Radio Berkeley, other Free Radio stations and the Free Radio Movement. Also, how to start one.

    Legal documents and press related to Free Radio Berkeley's court case ftp.crl.com directory path ftp/users/ro/frbspd/legal can also be reached through the web site.

    The Free Radio Lawyers' Site
  • Free Radio Stations
  • - This contains lots of links to Free Radio sites.
  • Free Radio Network
  • - International micro-radio resources with lots of links, real audio and more. This is a very comprehensive site.
  • Radio Active
  • - Homepage of Free Radio 95.5 FM, Dublin,Ireland. This contains an interesting section "Radio is My Bomb", a history of Free Radio in Ireland.
  • Mycal's Radio Page
  • - Lots of technical info and other links.
  • Radio Free America
  • - A network of micro-power stations. They also publish a newsletter.

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