Pacifica Documents
The documents in this section reflect the current direction the managers of Pacifica are taking, and plan on pursuing: centralization, top-down managementand a "professional" as opposed to grassroots approach to broadcasting. Documents are listed most current, first.

Programming Documents and Discussions
Minutes and Directives of the Pacifica National Board
Other Documents Related to Policy and Decisions

Programming Documents and Discussions

Minutes and Directives of the Pacifica National Board
  • The Vote to Table the Governance Changes

  •  -a transcription and description of the vote at the Pacifica National Board meeting in Oakland. They are now claiming the governance changes passed! We have the vote on audio and video tape...uh??? -- June 15, 1997
  • The Governance By-Laws Amendments

  •  - The Pacifica National Board created these by-laws amendments, released March 1997, to insure the permanent control of the Pacifica Foundation by the Scott regime. Among other things, representatives to the National Board from the local areas would be chosen, not by the local boards, but by the Scott regime!!!.
  • Pat Scott's 5 Year Plan -11/96

  •  - The result of secret "retreats", this document articulates the vision of the "corporate Pacifica" with centralized authority, an expanded National Staff and a goal of becoming a "professional" broadcasting organization. An introduction by National Development Director Dick Bunce, is revealing of the mainstream assumptions of this great "vision" ---See analysis of plan by various critics.
  • Memo to KPFK Advisory Board

  •  - The Pacifica National Board issued this memo July 19, 1995---rolling back membership on KPFK's local board to May 15---in order to remove new members they considered undesirable.
  • My Way or the Highway

  •  - The Pacifica National Board issued this directive to the local station advisory boards July 12, 1995, warning of "vast changes" to occur and telling those dissenting with those changes to resign.
  • National Board Minutes June 1995

  •  -These minutes include a resolution by the Finance Committee to hold all future meetings by that body in Executive Session (translation: in secret)
  • By-Law Amendment ending term limits for at-large members Feb. 1995

  •  - This in effect makes certain National Board Members such as Jack O'Dell and Roberta Brooks members-for-life.
  • National Board Minutes October 1994--Houston
  • -

    Other Documents
  • The Shenanigans at WBAI Local Board Meeting
  • - WBAI Board Chair tries to prevent seating of elected staff rep while nominating members with expired terms, who are cooperative with the Scott regime, to the next National Board Meeting. These Reps will make policy! --January 1998
  • The Numbers on the WBAI Move - The bottom line on WBAI's planned controversial move to Wall Street --January 1998
  • Pacifica Press Release
  • - Deputy Director Dick Bunce resigns, NFCB Prez Lynn "Healthy Station" Chadwick brought on. --November 25, 1997
  • Letter to Jack O'Dell
  • - from the KPFA Advisory Board. The Board is critical of the official response by Pat Scott to the CPB, and the proposed governance changes. --June 12, 1997
  • Memo of Coucil of Advisory Board Chairs
  • - expresses displeasure at high-handed and dishonest tactics of Scott regime --April 1997
  • KPFA Management Changes
  • - in the spring/summer of 1997, KPFA's general manager, program director and others announced their resignations (various official announcements).
  • The "Cheat Sheet"
  • - the work product of Pacifica's just-hired "communications director" --a confidential memorandum instructing Pacifica personnel on what to tell the public ---March, 1997
  • Pacifica management locks out WBAI website
  • - following the NLRB victory for the workers and the hire of the "communications director" WBAI's official site is no longer under local control. ---March, 1997
  • Pacifica hires former Justice Department spokesperson
  • - to fill the newly created position of "Communications Director." Text of Pat Scott's memo on the hire and a report by Maria Gilardin on the Justice Department connection---February, 1997
  • The Ralph Nader Memo: Gagging.....
  • - On August 23, 1996 KPFK's Program Director issued a memo prohibiting material including Ralph Nader to be broadcast--- this open letter to alternative media, explains the situation
    Image of the actual memo
  • Selected Public Comment from KPFK Board Meeting 7/96
  • - Various members of the Pacifica Accountability Committee raise issues of National Board secrecy, the gag rule and other issues with the board and station manager Mark Schubb.
  • KPFK Gag Order - 2/96
  • - An image of the actual document.

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