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SHOW #25 - Sun. 9/3/00
Labor Day Special: "our" government, the bosses' best friend
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We start with a note of appreciation from the rich. Then, Michael Parenti speaks on Welfare for the Wealthy, documenting who government really benefits. Then we continue with our reading on the history of repression of the radical labor movement in America.

In our second hour, Howard Zinn talks about the need for a working class citizens economic bill of rights - and them some reports on dramatic new developments locally, nationally and internationally on the Frankenfood front.


Sept 14, 2000 in Ithaca, NY...

Mary-Howell Martens and Klaas Martens will give a talk entitled, "Organic Farming and Biotechnology" The Martens' farm 1100 acres of certified organic crops in Penn Yan, NY, including corn, soybeans, small grains and processing vegetables. Mary-Howell Martens teaches Plant Structure and Function at the Finger Lakes Community College and serves on the USDA Advisory Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology. Klaas is a nominee for the National Organic Standards Board.

When and where:

September 14, Thursday, 7pm
at the Women's Community Building,
at the corner of Seneca and Cayuga Sts, Ithaca, NY.

This event is sponsored by the Ithaca-area Safe Food Campaign/Organic Consumers Association.

Tony Del Plato, coordinator Ithaca-area Safe Food Campaign/Organic Consumers Association POB 634, Ithaca, NY 14851


SHOW #24 - Sun. 8/27/00
Speaking the Unspeakable: capitalism ain't democracy!
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A Latin American bishop once commented, "when I feed the poor I am called a saint. When I ask why are they poor, I'm called a communist."

Discussions that address the core issues of democratization of wealth and power are off limits in the corporate and government controlled media. Movements that have addressed the issue of class power have been ruthlessly repressed or coopted. Chief among these is the labor movement, which originally had the goal of realizing worker ownership, rather than the watered down present demands of a "fair wage." While a good wage is better than a bad wage, workers face an endless uphill battle, and union membership has eclined under the onslaught. Tonight we're going to look at labor's radical beginnings, and the how government has ultimately worked against the interests of working people, then and now.

We begin with an essay, "Speaking the Unspeakable" which puts in context the media blackout on the message of the pro-democracy/anti-globalization movement. Then, we begin the first of a series of readings on the repression of the radical labor movement in America. Also, news on a prisoners' union in Missouri, Mexican workers fighting for independent unions in the maquiladoras, and unemployed who are organizing. And, Bruderhof Radio covers two recent reports on child wage slavery in agriculture.


SHOW #23 - Sun. 8/20/00
Double Dipping into Misery: Crack and the CIA and The Prison Industrial Complex
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Two panel discussions from the People's Convention in Los Angeles. The first is on Crack and the CIA, and deals with drug trafficking by the CIA, and its connection to Wall Street and corporate finance. Then, fitting in the other piece of the puzzle, a panel on the prison industrial complex, where corporate interests double dip on the misery: first they bring in the drugs and make a profit, and then they profit again building prsions where drug offenders are can be worked for slave wages.



SHOW #22 - Sun. 8/13/00
The Greatest Threat is a Notion
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At the recent demonstrations in Philadelphia, a protester held a sign, which read: "The Greatest Threat to Democracy is the Notion that it has Already Been Achieved". On this week's program we'll hear from a number of people grappling with politcal myths and realities in America.

In an unusually personal presentation, Michael Parenti, talks about his journey from street gang kid to activist intellectual, and about his book "Land of Idols". A striking Bell Atlantic worker from Geneva, talks about the reasons for the strike; protesters in solidarity with the jailed activists in Philadelphia, demonstrate in Ithaca; and former Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra talks about activism, American political realities, and the anti-globalization movement.


SHOW #21 - Sun. 8/06/00
Crime Pays: Profits and Social Control
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In our first hour, a special one hour documentary by Bruderfof Radio which features the members of New York's only masters degree program behind bars, and hear their perspective on the issues of rehabilitation versus punishment.

In our second hour, Chris Sturr will analyze some recent articles on the subject of the rural prison boom, and the crucial points that are ususally left out the public debate.

To wind up todays program, Dr. Michael Parenti will speak on Lazy Law and Social Control.

Plus reports from the demonstrations in Phiadelpha at the Republican National Convention


SHOW #20 - Sun. 7/30/00
Tactics of Resistance and Repression
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Since the WTO protests in Seattle, the issue of property destruction as a peotest tactic has been in the national spotlight. police departments and other officials have issued a variety of statements, and engaged in survellance and raids on actvist premises under the guise of suppressing the potential for property destruction.

In our first hour, we broadcast a roundtable discussion on nonviolence and property destruction, originally broadcast on public access TV in Eugene, Oregon, in reference to recent actions of sabotage against biotech labs in New York, Maine and California. (for more on "midnight gardening" see Biotech Action Network)

Then a report on police brutality against anti-biotech activists in Minneapolis, an interview with Matt Ruben of the R2K network about upcoming protests at the Republican Convention, and essay by Dave Neal of Anarchy for Anybody, Starving the Advertisers.


SHOW #19 - Sun. 7/23/00
Class War
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Professor Noam Chomsky speaks on "Class War" in the first hour.

In the second hour, some examples of class war mechanisms by the corporate state against the citizen: excerpts from an article on Operation Garden Plot, a plan to use the military to crack doen on dissent in America, e-watch, corporations track critics on the web, and the Battle of Wellfleet, a small town is forced to accept cellular transmissions towers after courts rule their ordinanaces violate "corporate civil rights."

Then, Michael Parenti speaks on "Who Governs?" a detailed analysis of how elites dominate government policy and offices.


Anti-Biotech activist group, the Rochester Fishberries, can be reached at 716-461-1071 or by e-mail Info is available on the Ground Score website on the July pickets in favor of labelling foods containing GMO's at Wegman's and Tops markets.


SHOW #18 - Sun. 7/16/00
Slavery, New World Order Style: Sweatshops and the Prison-Industrial Complex
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Global capitalism is turning the whole world into factories with fences; Charles Kernigan of the National Labor Committee talks about the sweatshops run by Wal-Mart, Disney, Nike, and others, and the colusion of governments with multi-nationals to perpetuate a slave-labor force. And a documentary by Bruderhof Radio on the transformation of rual America into a land of prisons. As people impoverished by globalization try to "improve" their economies by wooing prison funding to thier towns.


Anti-Biotech activist group, the Rochester Fishberries, can be reached at 716-461-1071 or by e-mail Info is available on the Ground Score website on the July pickets in favor of labelling foods containing GMO's at Wegman's and Tops markets.


SHOW #17 - Sun. 7/9/00
Biotechnology and Food
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In the first hour, we present excerpts from a symposium on biotechnology and food organized by the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Onondaga County. The panelists were Dr. Margaret Smith, a plant breeder on the Cornell faculty, Dorothy Wrase Hares, a nutritionist; Jane Andrews, a spokesperson for Wegman's grocery stores, Lou and Merby Lego, organic farmers and Tony DelPlato of the Ithaca Area Safe Food Campaign.

In the second hour internationally acclaimed activist and scholar Vandana Shiva speaks on biodiversity and biopiracy (intellectual property rights for life patents)

Resources on biotech:

Anti-Biotech activist group, the Rochester Fishberries, can be reached at 716-461-1071 or by e-mail Info is available on the Ground Score website on the July pickets in favor of labelling foods containing GMO's at Wegman's and Tops markets.


SHOW #16 - Sun. 7/2/00
Land of the Free?
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The program begins with Mumia Abu Jamal's commencement address to the university of California at Santa Cruz, which highlights the 2 million Americans now in jail. Then, Michael Parenti speaks on Human Nature and Politics, how theories of human nature are used to justify hierarchy and domination. Then, we hear voices from behind prison walls, with readings of the winning entries of PEN's annual prison writing context -- and Mumia closes the program wth a commentary on Texas and the death penalty

Anti-Biotech activist group, the Rochester Fishberries, can be reached at 716-461-1071 or by e-mail Info is available on the Ground Score website on the July pickets in favor of labelling foods containing GMO's at Wegman's and Tops markets.


SHOW #15 - Sun. 6/25/00
Razing the Countryside
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While the image of rural life becomes a subject for Disney theme parks - real rural communities are becoming depopulated, denuded garbage dumps - not by accident, but as the direct result of corporate dictated government policy. We're goimg to look at two facets of this -

First, Al Krebbs, editor of the AgBiz Tiller, will talk about the assault on the family farm by agribusiness interests and the role that global trade agreeements play.

Then. we'll present a special report from the mountains of west Virginia, where coal companies are literally levelling mountains, burying waterways and poisoning wells in order to maximize their profits, while poverty in those communnities deepens.

And, a commentary by Michael Parenti on why we must fight city hall.

Anti-Biotech activist group, the Rochester Fishberries, can be reached at 716-461-1071 or by e-mail Info is available on the Ground Score website on the July pickets in favor of labelling foods containing GMO's at Wegman's and Tops markets.


SHOW #14 - Sun. 6/18/00
Cognitive Dissonance: Fantasy versus the Reality of Global Capitalism
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Are the politicians and corporate heads who are pushing the neoliberal global agenda evil, greedy sociopaths, or delusional and out of touch with reality, or what? You'll probablky ask yourself that same question when you hear the material in tonight's program. In our first hour, we'll look at some of the worldviews held by the proponents of the New World Order - Journalist Naomi Klein will talk about "brand cocoons" "corporate soul" "cool hunting" and why this has spurred a student movement against global capitalism. Then we'll hear excerpts from a member of the trilateral commission analyze what he calls the "backlash against globalization" and last, a report on a federal intelligence network aimed at anti-globalization activists,

In our second hour, we'll present 2 documentaries on the effect of the WTO in Central America, and these make it pretty clear why so many are fighting globalization with such energy and committment.


SHOW #13 - Sun. 6/11/00
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This week's program is devoted to biotechnology. Policy analyst Kristen Dawkins is our featured lecturer. Her talk is entitled "Biotechnology: Battle Royale of the 21st Century" which discusses the global economic and political context of the push for genetically modified foods.

Also, a new German study shows modified plant genes can cross the species barrier. Seed companies are moving their facilities to avoid GM conamination. The New York State legislature will hold hearings this summer on a bill to ban the planting of GM crops for five years.

And Eric Bradshaw of Ground Score, a Rochester area environmental newspaper, talks about the protests scheduled for the Cornell campus this weekend against GM and a campaign to get Wegmans and Tops to remove or label products containing GM foodstuffs. Info about protests and actions is available on the Ground Score website.

You can download a flyer for the June 16-17 protest at Cornell in .pdf, as well as a fabulous informational booklet (also in .pdf), which you can then print and distribute.

Anti-Biotech activist group, the Rochester Fishberries, can be reached at 716-461-1071 or by e-mail for more info on the labelling campaign at Wegman's and Tops markets.


SHOW #12 - Sun. 6/4/00
Corporate Bias and Censorship in the News Media
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We continue the lecture series with Dr. Michael Parenti with "The Hidden Ideology of the News Media".

In the second hour, we look at two cases where business interests and profit motive have resulted in the suppression of news stories about health risks to the community. Cara Ben-Yaakov, talks about how the Ithaca Times censored her story "Toxic Dreams" which revealed that Ithaca officials are planning to build a shopping center on the site of a toxic waste dump that already threatens the health of residents of a mobile home park, as well as the health of Cayuga Lake itself. Then, an interview with Steve Wilson and Jane Akre, two reporters who are suing Fox TV after they were fired several years ago for refusing to report false information about the health risks of Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.


SHOW #11 - Sun. 5/28/00
Patriotism as Militarism
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We continue the lecture series with Dr. Michael Parenti. with "Superpatriotism" about how patriotism is used to manipulate people into becoming cannon fodder for the war machine, and who benefits.

In the second hour, we take a look at a couple of shameful examples of the above. First, an interview with jay Truman of Downwinders, a group striving to get the government to help the hundreds of thousands of people irradiated as a result of the US nuclear weapons program. Then, a different historical look at World War II by Michael Parenti - the US and the Allies could have nipped Nazism in the bud, but didn't because their real enemy was the Soviet Union.


SHOW #10 - Sun. 5/21/00
The Global Casino: teach-in on global capitalism
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A special 2 hour teach-in from the International Forum on Globalization, on how international finance works, and the role of Wall Street money managers and the US Treasury department in setting the agenda.


SHOW #9 - Sun. 5/14/00
He Who Dies With the Most Toys Wins: technology and the corporatization of culture
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We continue the lecture series with Dr. Michael Parenti. with "Corporate Monoculture and Academic Freedom" about how corporate trustees autocratically determine what ideas are acceptable in our educational institutions.

In the second hour, we take a look at the impact of technology in enabling global corporate control, and its role in propangandizing the values of corporate capitalism. Jerry Mander of the International Forum on Globalization, and public interest attorney Andy Kimbrell are the speakers.


SHOW #8 - Sun. 5/7/00
Slavery by Any Other Name: Migrant Farmworkers
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May 1 is International Workers Day, and we start with a brief history of May Day, and its origins in the struggle for the 8 hour workday.

We continue the lecture series with Dr. Michael Parenti. with "Racism and the Ideology of Slavery" to provide some context on the migrant farmworker system, which was modeled on chattel slavery.

In the second hour, we focus on farmwork specifically. Chris Sturr talks about the legal situation and working conditions of farmworkers in New York state, and we have a report from a rally in Albany by farmworkers as part of the now annual "Farmworkers Advocacy Day."

Labor historian Clete Daniel talks on the history of the farmworker system, and its creation by California agribusiness in the mid-1800's, and how it was consciously designed to replicate the slavery while technically not being legally conisdered "slavery."


SHOW #7 - Sun. 4/29/00
Report Back from A:16: the Mobolization for Global Justice in Washington, DC
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This weeks program is a radio documentary of the A16 IMF/World Bank Demonstrations in Washington, D.C. Featuring: Talks by Kevin Danaher of Global exchange, Njoki Njehu of 50 Years is Enough, and Walden Bello of the Center for the Global South; also interviews with organizers and participants in the demonstrations, and stunning material from the Independent Media Center


SHOW #6 - Sun. 4/22/00
Created Unequal: law, money and Mumia Abu Jamal
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We continue the lecture series with Dr. Michael Parenti.First, some real history on the Founding Fathers - they created a Constitution meant to protect the rich; then "Justice for Sale" Can't pay? No justice for you then!

In the second hour, we focus on the case of Mumia Abu Jamal :background, his commentaries, and a documentary from Bruderhof Radio.


SHOW #5 - Sun. 4/22/00
You Can't Make a Silk Purse Our of a Sow's Ear: the relationahip of structure and power
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We continue the lecture series with Dr. Michael Parenti. His talk this week "Executive Power and Democratic Needs" - the role of the presidency in furthering state power.

In the second hour, Office Depot's anti-union policies, Juliette Beck of Global Exchange on the April 16-17 protests against the World Bank and IMF in Washington, DC; FreeNet, a new system devised to subvert government and corporate censorship of the internet; and an interview with Dr. David C. Korton, author of "When Corporations Rule the World" and "The Post Corporate World, Life After Capitalism"


SHOW #4 - Sun. 4/9/00
The Sword and the Dollar
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We continue the lecture series with Dr. Michael Parenti. His talk this week "The Sword and the Dollar" how American military might is used to secure cheap labor and materials in the third world for US multinationals.

In the second hour, we'll take a look at the result: first we'll hear from a survivor of a massacre in a Guatemalan village, designed to clear the people out of the way of a World Bank sponsored dam, and sound from two videao documentaries about sweatshops on Central America and Haiti, produced by the National Labor Committee.


SHOW #3 - Sun. 4/2/00
The Costs of Empire and the role of the IMF
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Number 2 of our lecture series with Dr. Michael Parenti. His talk this week "The Costs of Empire at Home and Abroad". To get involved in an upcoming action against the IMF, see

In the second hour, Economist Michel Chussodofsky talks about "The Gobalization of Poverty" - the results of IMF policies, and Fernando Terran, an indigenous Ecuadoran talks about the uprising there in response to IMF policies.

Ten reasons to oppose the IMF


SHOW #2 - Wed. 3/22/00
Globalization and Genetic Engineering
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The first of our 17 part lecture series with Dr. Michael Parenti. His talk this week "Globalization, the New Imperialsim: WTO threat to democracy" . To get involved, see

In the second hour, Brian Tokar from Northeast Resistance against Genetic Engineering (NERAGE) and the Institute for Social Ecology in Vermont speaks on Bioengineering and activism, and the BIOdevastation 2000 conference


SHOW #1 - Sun. 3/26/00
Celebrating International Women's Day and Women's History Month
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Featuring Marilyn Waring, feminist economist on "Sex, Lies and Global Economics" - for a copy of this tape as well as other interesting stuff see TUC Radio

Elaine Bernard speaks on sweatshops and solidarity.

To learn more about the history of labor organizing in the textile industry, check out the Kheel center at Cornell

And, women casualities of the War on Drugs speak. See The November Coalition for more on ending the drug war (especially read this if you think you support the drug war)

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