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SHOW #174 - Sun. 10/26/03
Undisciplining Minds - Part 1: the roots and ramifications of our culture of hierachy and control
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From November 19 through the 21st, opponents of corporate globalization will converge in Miami to comfront a ministerial on the Free Trade Area of the Americas, the FTAA, that would extend NAFTA to the entire hemisphere. "Another world is possible" is a motto used by many of the people opposing these various treaties,. that in effect are creating a new world government openly based on the priorities of corporate investment.

But the phrase "another world is possible" does not refer only to government or economic poicies, nor only to political and economic systems. It also encompasses the values that underlie those systems. But what causes us as a society to form amd hold the values we have, that make the current world possible? What habits of mind determine that we will even for example, draw a distriction between economics and politics? Our mental structures that underlie our values and institutions must be addressed if we want to to make possinle another society which is truly egsalitarian, creative and democratic.

This will be the subject of the first hour of the program and will start off our series on the roots and ramifications of our culture of hierachy and control. In oour second hour we'll hear about opening paths to a moral economy...

Featuring: Marvin Bram, William Greider


SHOW #174 - Sun. 10/12/03
A Political Problem... Money and Politics as barriers to saving the environment
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Our Environmental problems are ultimately political problems. Climate change and large scale contamination of air, water and soil were known about, and discussed in great depth 30 years ago. In the past three decades we could have fundamentally transformed how we operate on this planet, we have the knowledge and tools to do so. It is the political system and th economic system that the political system serves that is the real obstacle.

Featuring: David Orr, Wizards of Money and Julia Butterfly


SHOW #173 - Sun. 10/5/03
The Corporate Theft of Water - Part 2: recordings from "The Water of Life - Perils and Promise on the 21st Century"
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A conference dealing with protecting water as a common resource was held in the Hudson Valley Sept 4-6. 2003. In this program Indian environmentalist Vandana Shiva and "water doctor" John Todd on sustainable water practices.


SHOW #172 - Sun. 9/28/03
The Corporate Theft of Water - Part 1: recordings from "The Water of Life - Perils and Promise on the 21st Century"
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A conference dealing with protecting water as a common resource was held in the Hudson Valley Sept 4-6. 2003. In this program Robert Kemmedy Jr of River Keeper talks about fighting corporate water polluters in the courts, and Tony Clarke of the Polaris Institute of Toronto details the corporations leading the push for the privatization of water.


SHOW #171 - Sun. 9/21/03
Deadly Delicacies: Food, and Health and the Ag Factory
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Tonight on the program we're going to talk about the political, sconimic, environemntal and health issues surrounding food.

As the Fifth Ministerial meetings of the World Trade Organization in Cancun, Mexico come to a close, media outlets around the world broadcast the news that little to nothing was accomplished, thanks to a belligerent coalition of developing nations known as the G23. Led by African nations who staged a walkout from the talks, Brazil, India and China and others in the 23 nation coalition essentially refused to negotiate, in protest of the $1 BILLION PER DAY that the wealthy nations of the North spend on farm subsidies---subsidies, mainly to corporate agribusiness and factory farms, that the g23 nations say are making it impossible for farmers in the poor nations of the world to compete in the global market The phrase compete in the global market obscures a deeper issue - the issue is aboput access to food, food safety and food sovereignty.

Meanwhile, here at home, irradiated food may soon be served to millions of school children and adult onset diabetes is on the rise...


SHOW #170 - Sun. 9/14/03
The WTO and a World at the Crossroads: a People's History of the WTO
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Over the past week, the World Trade Organization has been meeting in Cancun, Mexico, surrounded by razorire topped barricades and tens of thousands of heavily armed police. Opponents from all over the world, from poor farmers to academics have come to Cancun to voice their opposition to the whole premise of the WTO. We'll tell you why...

Featuring a new documentary from Ireland, "A People's History of the WTO", and reports from Cancun


SHOW #169 - Sun. 9/7/03
Beyond the Bullshit : 9/11 and US Global Domination
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As the second annivesrary of the Sept 11 suicide bombing attacks approaches, those events of 2001 continue to be put forward as a justification for the actions of the government by the Bush asdministrstion and their captive press. We are being fed a steady diet of propaganda with the goal of keeping us fearful and distracting us from the real story.

But truth will out , and tonight on the program we're going to bear down on the geopolitical agenda that lies behind the war on terrorism, and the attacks of 9-11-2001.. We'll hear from a former member of Tony Blair's cabinet who has publicly denounced the war on terrorism as" bogus", an independent researcher who has documented the deception and inconsistencies of the 911 official story and a former US special forces officer who will explain the workings of a brutal foreign policy based on the bottom line that is able to persist because of systematic deceptiom.


SHOW #168 - Sun. 8/31/03
The Colony Within : How Neoliberal Economics and Neoconservative Politics Are Turning the US into a Banana Republic
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The myths and realities of low wage work, how the War on Terrorism has become a war on labor unions. and a wakeup call to Americans by founder William Rivers Pitt


SHOW #167 - Sun. 8/24/03
Paying For Empire : The Economics of War
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The US has maintains a vast global military empire with bases in more than 120 countries. Key to this empire are a few dozen very large private corporations whose income comes almost exclusively from military contracts. This state of affairs has wide-reaching impact on our domestic policies and arrangements that are seldom examined or even acknowledged. The collective deep pocket that pays the bill for this military-industrial complex, that is the average American taxpayer, has little idea what is being spent or how its being used. The military and its bottom line are above criticism - both political parties in Congress fall over themselves to fling the taxpayers' money at what is euphemistically called defense.

Tonight, our main presentation will be a in-depth look at the dollars costs of the US military machine. But first a couple of things directed at the question of why we in an ostensible democracy allow the government to throw our money at a bloated military while it denies us the things that would make our lives easier.


SHOW #166 - Sun. 8/17/03
Beyond "The Axis of Evil" : Clarifying the History of US Intervention in Korea
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Featuring: Brian Willson, Han S. Park


SHOW #165 - Sun. 8/10/03
Enforcing Silence : Law enforcement and the courts team up to hand out harsh sentences to discourage political dissent
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Featuring: Sherman Austin, Chantel, Lupe, The Ithaca 4, Jackie Hudson

What do four teenage girls in Ithaca, NY, a young anarchist webmaster in Southern California and an elder Dominican nun have in common? They are all part of the latest crop of political prisoners.


    contact Tompkins County DA George Dentes to demand that the girls' charges be reduced to the same charge the adults arrested in the same action received. It's not his business to use the courts to impose his personal politics and philosophies o these girls and their families
    George Dentes, District Attorney,
    320 North Tioga Street, Ithaca, NY 14850.
    Phone 607-274-5461. Fax: 274-5429.

    To receive email updates on the trial from one of the girls parents, contact Linda


SHOW #164 - Sun. 8/3/03
Doug Rokke - What They Knew and When They Knew It : Blowing the Whistle on DU, the US Weapon of Mass Destruction
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Major Rokke is an expert on the subject of depleted uranium and Gulf War Syndrome. Tonight's talk will include information that the US military knows and has known the health and environmental hazards of depleted uranium since the 1940's, is collaborating with the nuclear power industry to keep the public in the dark, has a written a directive to leave radioactive shrapnel in wounded soldiers in order to study them, as well as performed experiments on the unwitting US population with chenical and biological weapons, and thet they basically don't give a damn about the fate of the average soldier once they've served their purpose.


SHOW #163 - Sun. 7/20/03
Closing the Door and Widening the Gap : Rigged Elections and Predatory Lenders
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Free and fair elections are the basis for America's claim to democracy. Our electoral process is manipulated in a variety of ways that result in a government that arguably fails to reflect the needs of most of us. Reformers who seek to redress this state of affairs hang their hopes on somehow being able to wrest elections back from the corporate money stream.

Now, even the slender hope of changing the country's direction through the ballot box could be extinguished by the machine that records your vote, or more to the point, doesn't record your vote. During the tense months of wrangling that follwed the 2000 elextion, the corporate press steered clear of the allegations that election fraud was committed by the Bush campaign and focussed instead on the mechanics of voting equipment, hanging chads and pregnant chads. Congress, taking a cue from the press, instead of focussing on the misconduct of officails from the lowest level to the people on the top court, decided to foreveer vanquish the hanging chad by drafting a piece of legislation called The Help America Vote Act, HAVA that would fund the installation of high- tech touch screen voting machines across the nation.

These machines are touted as cost effective and labor saving, as well as being a boon to blind people or those who would prefer a ballot in a language other than English. But computer scientists are raising the alarm that these voting machines' most salient feature is the ease with which elections could be rigged and the difficulity of detecting tamperingr before or after the fact.

In the first hour computer scientist Barbara Simons explains the dangers of computerised voting. In the second hour Smithy looks at the mortgage industy's exploitation of the poor, with another edition of the Wizards of Money


SHOW #162 - Sun. 7/27/03
Full Spectrum Hypocrisy : he Drug War as a long-time tool of American Empire
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The war on drugs is the prototype for the endless war, providing an expansion in dictatorial powers for government under the cover of a carefully cultivated popular hysteria , a formula that has been repeated in the war on terrorism.

Drug prohibition has the effect of keeping the prices of drugs high so those who do traffic in them may derive maximum financial benefit. On the program tonight you'll hear an explanation for why there are as many drugs for sale as ever, in spite of billions of taxpayer dollars spent on this endless war.

In our first hour, you'll hear allegations that highly placed officials in the US government are engaged in drug trafficking in order to generate an off the books stream of cash which has been used to fund a variety of assassinations and covert wars on every continent in order to further the process of corporate globalization. This is not a new story, it's just a suppressed story that remains a relatvant as ever, especially to those it continues to victimize.

As a result of the eruption of the Iran Contra scandal in the late 1980's , persistent stories surfaced that covert operatives in the Reagan Bush administration were openly colaborating with drug traffickers. Community leaders were asserting that the crack epidemic raging in their cities was the reult of intentional importation of drugs by the same US government that was then arresting the people they'd hooked Journalists who took on the story, most notably Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News, had their careers destroyed.

Earlier, The Chrisitic Intstititue, a public interest law firm, tried to sue various high placed Reagan.Bush officials for their role in drug and gun running to fund illegal wars in Central America. But, they were never allowed to bring their case to trial. Instead, they were fined more than a million dollars for filing a "frivolous suit" which put the small non-profit group out of business. Many of the people named in that suit, or subsequently indicted as a result of a relatively feeble congressional invistagtion, are once again top jobs in the current administration.

Tonight we're going to hear about one of them, deputy secretary of state, Richard Armitage, now , Colin Powell's #2 man. Meanwhile, about half of Americas 2 million prisoners are in jail because of charges relating in some way to the drug war - most of these prisoners of the drug war are poor and black or brown. Theri lives and their families lives have been ruined . As you will hear in our final hour, the corruption of the drug war trickles down in little ways even to Auburn, NY, were these drug prisoners esentially become slaves, with no means of redress against predatory prison guards...


SHOW #161 - Sun. 7/6/03
(rebroadcast 7/13)
Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness : Alienating the "Unalienable"
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A look at new visions of the "American Way of Life" in the context of ecological and economic realities, past and present.

Featuring: Richard Heinberg, Jeff Gates, Michael Leibowitz, Bill Moyers


SHOW #160 - Sun. 6/29/03
The Great Debate : Biotech, Hunger and Poorwashing
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Global South activists debate biotech advocates in front of a live audience during the mini ministerial on agriculture and biotechnology in Sacramento , CA

Featuring: David Hegwood(US Dept of Agriculture), Amadou Kanoute (Consumers International Africa), Annurada Mittal (Food First), Martina McGloughlin (University of California), Silvia Riberio (ETC Group Mexico) Christian Verschueren (Croplife International Belgium)


SHOW #159 - Sun. 6/22/03
The WTO, Biotechnology and Agri-Imperialism : The Economics and Politics of Hunger
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Featuring: George Naylor, National Family Farm Coalition; Luke Anderson, UK author and activist; Percy Schmeiser, Canadian farmer sued by Monsanto, Dr.Vandana Shiva, International Forum on Globalization


SHOW #158 - Sun. 6/15/03
Leverage : Corporations and Social Policy
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In the first hour, author Tom Hartmann talks about the history of the corporation as a legal entity, and how the government and the legal system have fostered the growth of corporate power. This power has in turn, has enabled corporate owners and leaders to determine government policy. Hartman lays out a plan to break this cycle of corporate control in order to make a more truly democratic society possible.

In hour second hour The Wizards of Money talks about the role of the oil industry in blocking solutions to climate change, and the response to this battle by another powerful corporate sector, the insurance industry.


SHOW #157 - Sun. 6/8/03
The Grand Strategy: Understanding and resisting the plans of the would-be masters of the universe
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Featuring: Professor Noam Chomsky

Chomsky analyzes the Bush administrations policies and plans in the historical context of domination by capitalist elites using the power of the state to push their agenda. The present situation is not qualitatively different from other admonostrations, just quantitavely in its naked greed and aggression.

In an extended q and a, Chomsky tells concerned audience members that there is no substitute for patient grassroots organizing when combatting such powerful and omnipresent foes.


SHOW #156 - Sun. 6/1/03
Uncovering 9/11: A panel discussion with independent investigators who don't buy the official story
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Featuring: Michael Ruppert, Peter Dale Scott, Riva Enteen, Barrie Zwicker and Blaine Mahan

The Bush administration seems determined that no information will reach the public regarding what they knew, and how they responded to the attacks of Sept 11, 2001. Why? It's hard to imagine a benign reason for such secrecy, whether it be concealment of incompetence or error, or a cover up of a more sinister nature. One thing is certain, unanswered questionas and glaring inconsistencies in the official story remain. Finding the truth is more than an academic exercise as the events of that day have been used to justify the largest expansion of invasive government at home as well as invasions abroad, in US history.

Links to More Info:

Peoples Investigation of 9/11
From the Wilderness
Center for Research on Globalization
Guerrilla New Network


SHOW #155 - Sun. 5/25/03
Jaded Glory: Ex-soldiers Speak Out Against The War Machine
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When the people of nations understand the actual reasons that motivate their rulers to send them to war, there will be fewer wars and little need to create national holidays to commemorate all the people who died, more often than not senselessly, while fighting them.

On this Memorial Day weekend, at this time in the history of America, right wing talk radio and their entertainment-oriented cousins, the country music stations, are full of sentiment for those who died, "defending our freedom. " Tonight on the program, we're going to hear some truth about that, about the military, and about the government's "wham bam thank you ma'am" attitude toward the people it sends to fight its wars. We're going to hear it from the mouths of a variety of veterans, whose experience in the US military has made them peacemakers.


SHOW #154 - Sun. 5/18/03
The Opposite of Freedom: America's internal war between capitalism and democracy
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Featuring: Carl Estabrook, Adam Engel, Dick Flacks, Ethan Miller and "The Investigator"

It seems that the less freedom we have, the more clamorous and repetitive the official voices become in telling us that we live in the freest country in the world. This assertion is adamantly defended by people who apparently know little about what happens elsewhere. The fact is that the freedoms available to average citizens are roughly equivalent in any of the so-called first world democracies, and the freedoms available are insufficient. many of those nations, however, have governments that provide their populations with benefits not enjoyed here - such as free health care, a minimum of four weeks vacation each year, or proportional representation in elections which fosters the existence of multiple political parties instead of two both dominated by corporations - and even these basic benefits are under corporate attack on a global level through the vehicle of so-called free trade treaties.

None of these so-called democracies provide equal freedom to all their citizens. While these freedoms exist on paper, the reality is that they must be purchased and the extent to which one can meaningfully experience these freedons is related to one's financial position. The economics of the market is the defacto governmental structure that determines how free one actually is - and sets the limits on the amount of freedom and dignity available to an individual.


SHOW #153 - Sun. 5/11/03
Treatment and Mistreatment: The Economics and Politics of Women's Health Care
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The politics and economics of the health care industry have resulted in a variety of drugs and procedures that actually do more harm than good. This is especially true in the area of health care for women.

In the first 90 min of the program, we're going to hear a talk by John Lee, MD.a physician who pioneered the use of natural hormones for the treatment of osteoporosis and other conditions that affect women from midlife onward. Then we'll conclude the program, with a talk by Canadian feminist psychotherapist Dr. Bonnie Burstow, on the risimg use of electrock, especially on women, and it's roots in fascism.


SHOW #152 - Sun. 5/4/03
Wealth, Class and the Problem with Capitalism: Here and Abroad
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Though politicians are the leaders of record in our society, the people who make the decisions that have the most impact on most people's lives are those who dominate the economic, rather than political realm. They tend to control, rather than be controlled by political leaders, and thus the same soluitions, that don't really work for most of us, are implemented and reimplemented. Why ? Because these solutions do work for the small group of people that determine the economic life of the nation and the world.

We'll begin by looking at our own nation and region, with a panel discussion "Wealth, Class and America's Role in the World." then shift to a discussion of Argentina, which presents both the worst case scenario of where we are headed, as well as innovative solutions that could be implemented if we demanded them .


SHOW #151 - Sun. 4/27/03
Media Ventriloquism: San Francisco public hearings on the FCC and Media Consolidation
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The broadcast spectrum nominally belongs to the people of the United States and the Federal Communications Commission, the FCC, is the Federal agency responible for licensing the use of the spectrum in order to assure that the public good is served. In practice however, the FCC, under orders from Congress, has regulated the spectrum mainly for thre for the benefit of media corporations, who in turn control the politicians access to viwers and liteners.

The passage of the telecommunications Act of 1996 has already elimated many of the regulations that, in the past, were designed to protect diversity and localism in media ownership. Since them, one company now owns more than 1200 radio stations in the United States. That compnay, Clear Channel based in San Antonio, Texas, was recently sponsoring pro-war rallies, and banned airplay of musicians critical of Bush

The present FCC Chairman Michael Powell, son of Secretary of State Colin Powell, wants to elimate the few remaining barriers to ownership consolidation , so that one corporation might control the radio, TV, and newspaper in a given community. Powell is attempting to ram through these changes by June 2, with little to no public knowledge that a decision that will fundamentally determine who controls what is reported as news is about to be made. Public interest broadcasters and media democracy activists have raised the alarm, and organized a series of hearings around the country to speak out against lowering the bar to further consolidation.


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