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SHOW #150 - Sun. 4/20/03
Biodisaster: Contaminating the Ecosphere to Make a Buck
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When the first Earth Day was celebrated 33 years ago, the problems of polluted air, soil and water, pesticide contaminiation, nuclear waste and ozone depletion were already serious . In the intervening years, citizens have fought corporate lobbies to pressure government to take steps to deal with environmental contamination, with mixed success. Corporations have struggled to escape environmental laws. This motivation has contributed to the creation of the World Trade Organization and related trade treaties, that allowed them to either shift manufacturing to countries where environmental protections are absent, as well as to use WTO provisions to challenge the local laws.

The latest take- the- money- and- run scheme has been the development of the biotechnology industry, where many of the corporations involved in the most deadly chemical pollution in the past have morphed into today's " gene giants." As in the past, the rush to profit has resulted in the dissemination of products into the environment with little consideration or knowledge of the consequences on human or planetary health.

Next month, the biotech industry will hold its annual trade conference in St Louis, which is also the home of Monsanto, one of the most aggressive marketers of genetically modified products. A counter conferece, Biodevastation, will also be in St Louis to challenge the industry, as it has for the past several years. (


SHOW #149 - Sun. 4/13/03
Battle Plans of the Empire: The Project for the New American Century and Global Domination
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The United States has become a fascist country and the American people don't realize it - this is what overseas audience members told Bruce Gagnon, who we're going to hear in the second hour of the show.

There is a history of fascist collaboration in the United States, especially among the so-called captains of industry and the military. IBM provided the technology that enabled Hitler to identify Jews and others slated for the" final solution", and IBM's designers had to know what their products were being used for in order to create the customized services Hitler required. Car maker Henry Ford was an open fascist sympathizer and Prescott Bush, the grandfather of George W, had business ties with the Nazis. The Italisn fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini, was praised in the American press and had many admireres among American business leaders. And, as you will hear tonight, Nazi scientists and military officers were brought to America after world war two to develop amd head the US missle program, the space program and the CIA.

The wars against Iraq and Afgnistan were planned long before 9/11 and are part of a larger strategy to enforce corporate globalization at gunpoint. Tonight in our first hour you're going to hear readings from a document which is a blueprint detailing how this can be militarily accomplished, a study by the Project for a New American Century released in the year 2000, commissioned by a group of people who now hold high government offices.


SHOW #148 - Sun. 4/6/03
Public Justifications and Hidden Motivations: Behind the US Government Lies on the Iraq War
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Featuring a 3/27/2003 speech by former weapons inspector Scott Ritter in Ithaca, NY, a poem by Los Angeles poet Steve Connel, and an article on the dollar v euro battle behind the war by Australian writer Geoffrey Heard

More info on the dollar/euro motivation behind the US attack on Iraq can be found at these links:


SHOW #147 - Sun. 3/30/03
The Giftie Gae Us: Middle Eastern Scholars on the New World Order
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Americans who believe Bush when he says that US forces have been sent to Iraq to liberate the people there, are no doubt surprised that Iraqi's are putting up a fierce resistance, outgunned though they are. Many people in this country may be naive about the motivations of the powerful men who control the fates of nations, but the peoples of the middle east are not. They have been subjected to several centuries of invasion and colonization by outsiders claiming to be liberating them when their real interest was "liberating" their land and resouces. Tonight we're going to hear from two middle eastern scholars who will analyze US foreign policy, the "war on terrorism" and the invasion of Iraq from the perspective of those who have been on the receiving end of the west's tender and liberatory mercies.

Other international sites reporting on the Iraq invasion (Russian Site)
The London Guardian
The London Independent
Yellow Times
Al Jazeera


SHOW #146 - Sun. 3/23/03
Escalating Resistance to War and the Bush Agenda
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In spite of passionate opposition by people here and abroad, as well as by the majority of foreign governments, the Bush administration unleashed an attack that has already led to many, many deaths, which are being reported by the foreign, but not American, media. The prevailing US media message is, that now that war has begun, Americans should cease opposition. But.this is impossible for those of us digusted and outraged by a war of agression, by war generally, or by the totality of the actions and policies of the government of the United States. Many people feel that democracy has failed, and that America and the world are in crisis. Tonight on the program the subject is war resistance, both among civilians and members of the US military.

National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee - 800-269-7464
Veterans for Peace


SHOW #145 - Sun. 3/16/03
Dwindling Oil and the Human Future
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Cheap and abundant energy from oil is the foundation of modern technological civilization as well as essential to the neoliberal economic vision which is based on globalized production and consumption and the moving of resources and manufactured goods thousands of miles from point of production to point of sale. But world oil resources are finite, and as we will hear in great detail tonight, will begin to decline in the next few decades.

This is widely acknowledged inside the oil industry, but is receiving no open attention in the public policy realm. Yet the implications of dwindling oil and soaring prices are staggering. for more on this series The End of the Age of Oil produced by Kellia Ramares see:


SHOW #144 - Sun. 3/9/03
Truth is Our Weapon : Lies, Murder, Social Control and the Press
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The drive to war, the attack on civil liberties in the name of security, the banality and disinformation and commericalism of the corporate controlled media - all are part of a system that social dissenters in the 1960's termed the Establishment. Comprising this Establishment are the conjoined economic and political instutions that serve to maintain control of most of the people, both in the nation and abroad, for the benefit of those in power. Though this present administration is the most obviously fascist we have seen, it is only an eggregious example of what has been business as ususal.

In the first hour a talk by William Pepper, an attorney who investigated and unearthed the real facts of the assassination of Martin Luther King. You will hear how King's organizing efforts among the poor made him any enemy of the State, how his death was ordered at high levels of government, carried out by organized crime, and covered up through the use of a fall guy and a docile press. Then we'll hear from Peter Phillips, the director of Project Censored about how the press is complicit in keeping the workings of the Establishment hidden from view, and he will touch on the assault mounted against some of the reporters who actually tried to bring these dirty secrets to light.


SHOW #143 - Sun. 3/2/03
Hold Your Nose... : Election Fraud and Political Corruption in the US
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US diplomat resigns in disgust, Greg Palast on the stolen US presidency and the Bush family's corrupt practices, Bev Harris on 21st century election fraud with computerized vote machines and a call to action to end the whole rotten mess


SHOW #142 - Sun. 2/24/03
Misreporting the Middle East : Ask Whatever You Like About 9/11 Except Why - a lecture by Robert Fisk
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Fisk is a foreign correspondent for the London Independent who has covered the Middle East for almost 30 years. He spoke the night after Colin Powell's slide show at the UN on 2/5/2003


SHOW #141 - Sun. 2/16/03
Abolishing Corporate Personhood
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The power of corporations to control or manipulate every aspect of our lives has led a growing number of people to identify the legal rights of corporations as one of the key obstacles to a democratic society. Tonight, we'll look what is called corporate personhood - how it came about, what its impact has been and the movement to abolish it.


SHOW #140 - Sun. 2/9/03
Sojourners in the Wasteland of the Free: Teaching and learning things that matter
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What matters? What makes a good life? Do our central social institions help us or hinder us in achieving it? Tonight on the program wisdom from veteran educators John Taylor Gatto and Colman McCarthy on teaching, learning and peacemaking.

some information on how you can particpate in stopping a war:

Cornell Forum Forum Justice and Peace
United for Peace and Justice

Buses to NYC on Feb 15 for the Anti-War Demonstration

Bus tickets from Ithaca available at Autumn Leaves bookstore. Contact:
Dana Brown, Coordinator Committee on U.S.- Latin American Relations (CUSLAR)
316 Anabel Taylor Hall Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
(607) 255-7293

From Syracuse:
Syracuse Peace Council
Syracuse, NY Andy Mager

To tell New York City officials you intend to march on New York streets come February 15:

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg: 212-788-9600, 212-788-3010, 212-788-3040
NYC Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly: 646-610-8526
NYPD Chief of Department Joseph Esposito: 646-610-6710


SHOW #139 - Sun. 2/2/03
The Citizen Debate on Iraq : Talk of War and Peace in Rural New York State
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A debate is raging among the American people on the issue of the Bush administration's drive toward an invasion of Iraq, and our communities in Central New York are a part of it. This citizen debate is addressing aspects of the issue beyond the narrow framework of the official discussion - beyond the simple pro and con, beyond the does he or doesn't he have weapons of mass destruction. The citizen debate is addressing context: the ethics of modern warfare itself, and the motives underlying the public justifications for war by government officials.

Hearts of Peace: A fundraiser for humanitarian aid at home and abroad

Friday February 21, 2003
First United Methodist Church
99 South St., Auburn

Soups will be served at 6 pm followed by performances of music, poety and dance at 7 pm

For updates or questions, call the Hearts of Peace Message Line: 315-689-6815

Suggested donation: $3 - $5 - (more if you can, less if you can't). Please bring a non-perishable food item. Donations will be split between Voices in the Wilderness, an international organization dedicated to providing medical supplies to victims of war and injustice around the world, and a local food pantry .


SHOW #138 - Sun. 1/26/03
Surveillance and Social Control : Excerpts from the 2002 CityState forums from Australia
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Surveillance is now a part of our everyday lives not necessarily in the intimidating Big Brother style, but in a more mundane and dispersed way. We are constantly being recorded and analysed and data about our behaviour is being put in to databases and shared around without our informed consent or control.

CITY STATE was a public event that discussed the increasing levels of surveillance and social control in our society and to explore possible interventions and counter surveillance strategies available to us.


SHOW #137 - Sun. 1/19/03
Time for Choices: Energy, Sustainablity and the Human Future
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This weekend, more than half a million people in America marched aginst the Bush Administration's Iraq war plans. Evident in the speeches made at demonstrations in Washington, San Francisco and dozens of other cities and towns across the nation was an understanding that the motivations for the Bush war had more to do with controlling access to, and the price of, fossil fuel energy than some concern about weapons of mass destruction or lack of democracy in Iraq.

The governments of every industrialized nation but ours are attempting to grapple with the reduction of greenhouse gases that have already caused climate change and damage to the ozone layer of the planet. But there is another aspect that has not been widely discussed, though it is known to the oil company executives of the Bush administration who meet behind closed doors to formulate US enegy policy: It is that is world supplies of fossil fuel are dwindling rapidly at the same time that world demand for energy to power industrial development is increasing What we have come to take for granted as the features of modern civiliation exist because of energy, processes and material derived from fossil fuel.

As we're going to hear tonight in the first hour of the program, some who have been studying the problem think that decades would be necessary to create an infrastructure that would maintain even some semblance of our present standard of technological sophistication. Without the availability of cheap and potent energy, the conrinually increasing growth needed to maintain profitable globalized corporate markets will be impossible. The system is therefore both ecologically and economically unsustainable. Given this situation, the administrations drive to war, the expenditure of billions on weapons manufacturing and the creation of new powers to surveil and control the domestic population becomes dangerously irresponsible as well as sinister.

In the second hour we'll take a look at problem solving from the bottom up: the formation of a new electricity cooperative that gives residents of the Finger Lakes the ability to lower costs and support the expansion of sustainable energy production, and a group involved in a multi year international effort to develop an alternative vision to the present plan of global corporate control.


SHOW #136 - Sun. 1/12/03
High Crimes: The Case for Impeachment of Bush, Cheny, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft
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Francis Boyle, professor of international law, discusses impeachable actions by US administration and volunteers his legal services to any member of Congress willing to file articles of impeachment (with Kellia Ramares)

and Nafeez Ahmed, author of "The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked September 1, 2001" talks about what the government knew about 9/11 and when they knew it.


SHOW #135 - Sun. 1/5/03
Spirit, Freedom and the State: Peter Lamborn Wilson on Spiritual Anarchism
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The New Year is a time when many of us take stock of the present and comsider the future. From around the globe, voives are rising demanding a change in direction in the present disastrous course of human society and holding up a vision of an end to the domination of the people and planet by a small group bent on the accumaulation of vast wealth and limitless power

Tonight we're going to brink you a speech and discussion that suggests that this call for egalitarian social transformation is not a new trend, but is rooted in our collective past, and has a spirtual as well as social dimension.


SHOW #134 - Sun. 12/29/02
Endless War and Social Control: What the War on Drugs Teaches us about the War on Terrorism
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Though many commentators have lamented the use of the Sept 11 bombings as a cover for squashing domestic dissent, this tactic began in earnest thirty years ago with another perpetual war: the war on drugs. Tonight a forum on Race, Class and the War on Drugs that lays bare its intentions and effects, then and now - the rolling back of hard won rights by those at the bottom of society, the suppression of political movements that threaten the rule of wealth and the diversion of taxpayers dollars into a an industry of social control.


SHOW #133 - Sun. 12/22/02
Health and Wealth Holiday Variety Show
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Though wishes for peace, health and happiness are everywhere during each December holiday season, for many people it's the most depressing time of the year - when we notice how little peace, health or happiness is in our lives.. And this holiday season in America is even grimmer than usual.

Tonight, we hope we can add a little sardonic laughter to your life as we look at some aspects of the relationship of health and wealth. Our first guest is a doctor who has been looking at some surprising studies about how greed, inequality and lack of community actually damages our health and shortens our lives here in the United States . We'll also hear about a small town in western Pennyslvania that decided to draw the line on corporate rights to protect the public health , and in our second hour Wizards of Money will take a hard look at the pharmaceutical industry and why its failing make a positive impact on health nationally and internationally. And, to spice up the mix, some satire from the Christmas Coup Comeddy Players


SHOW #132 - Sun. 12/15/02
Who Benefits?: The American Goverment as Criminal Enterprise
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Our first speaker tonight is Dr. Doug Rokke, former head of the Pentagon's Depleted Uranium Project on "Gulf War Casualties and Depleted Uranium". He addresses the massive cover-up by the Department of Defense of "friendly fire" casualities in the Persian Gulf and subsequent wars as a result of the use of DU.

Then excerpts from a press conference from participants in, relating to the apparent government cover-up of the circumstances surrounding 911

To join the support network for military families against war in Iraq, contact:

Jeffrey McKenzie
8127 West Avenue
Gasport, NY 14067


SHOW #131 - Sun. 12/8/02
Scott Ritter: Democracy or Empire: Why Americans Must Oppose The Bush Administration's Unilateralism
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Former Chief Weapons Inspector and US Marine Corps officer Scott Ritter spoke 12/3/02 in Binghamton, NY. He challenges the Bush equation of dissent with lack of patriotism, and explains how imperialism is incompatible with the founding ideals of the American republic and its basis in the constitution and the "rule of law."



SHOW #130 - Sun. 12/1/02
Army Of Dreamers: Understanding the resistance to corporate rule
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Even now, three years after the protests in Seattle that brought the issue of corporate globalization in to the open in the US, most people who don't use alternative news sources have little idea of the anit-globalization movement's goals. Corporate media, because of its ownership and reliance on adverstising has little incentive to discuss the issues outside of the offical definitions that describe the WTO and related institutions as being about free trade and investment.

For decades, mainstream political rhetoric has equated capitalism, called the free market, with democracy. The anti-globalization movement offers the view that global capitalism is antagonistic to democracy, and that structures such as the WTO are attempting to formally institutionalize capitalism as a defacto world government in which only corporations and their owners have the rights of citizens.

In the first hour of the program tonight , Canadian journalist Naomi Klein will speak on "Fences and Windows: Dispatches from the Globalization Debate". In the second Hour, Wizards of Money follows the path of gifts that will be given this holiday season ... from China to the US Pacific Coast docks to the retail giant Wal-Mart.


SHOW #129 - Sun. 11/24/02
Locking and Loading for a War on You
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The militarization of law enforcement and the criminalization of dissent, featuring: Paul Richmond, Frank Morales, Bill Brown and the soundtrack of a recent documentary, "Urban Warrior."



SHOW #128 - Sun. 11/17/02
The Theater of War : State Strategies to Create Positive Images of War
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A war zone is euphemistically called a theater, but war itself is now being presented as a sort of theatrical spectacle for the majority of the American population who will not be anywhere near it. The approach to war, the entire for-public-consumption presentation of US governance looks more and more like a cliche hollywood production: the tough talking politicians standing up for freedom, the waving flags, the smiling soldiers. The entire presdiential spectacle is tightly scripted and closely managed by teams of professionals, and the news media, which should be pulling aside the veil to expose the lies and manipulation, is actively a part of creating the illusion. The dismembered limbs and smell of burning flesh in faraway lands will not reach us via our TV screens - thus the angry twisted men who return from military servic to become snipers, murders or demented street people will not be understood for what they are - people who snap after being turned into killing machines, participating in atrocities that they can never put out of their minds - all for a patriotic fantasy that they realize is a big lie only after it's too late.

Tonight we continue our exploration of the crafting and telling of that big lie. First, part three of the Radio Netherlands series on propaganda with a look at the role of war reporting, then some on the public relations campaigns used to manipulate public sentiment towards Iraq. We'll conclude with a talk by Michael Parenti, Rambo and the Swarthy Hordes on the use of the entermainment media to influence American political perceptions.


SHOW #127 - Sun. 11/10/02
Unfit To Print: Mechanisms of self-censorship in media and the academy
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News media manipulates what becomes an issue and what doesn't both by what and how it covers ideas and events and by what it omits from its coverage. Who decides what is news amd why? Tonight we'll continue with our Radio Netherlands series on propaganda by looking at what gets left out of the news and hear from an alternative media reporter on how self-censorship has crept into that milieu.

Then, we'll hear a reccent forum with Professor Noam Chomsky that presents the issue of terrorism from a perspective almost never presented in establishment media outlets.


SHOW #126 - Sun. 11/3/02
Marketing War
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According to a study released last week by the Paris based NGO, Reporters Without Borders, "The United States ranks number 17 for press freedom." Out of 139 countries surveyed, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and the Netherlands tied for the top spot. They were followed by Canada, Ireland, Germany Portugal, Sweden, and Denmark.

The U.S. received its relatively low ranking in part due to arrests of reporters for failing to reveal their sources or, since the September 11 terrorist attacks, for crossing security lines at some official buildings.

In the past year, the administration of George W. Bush has also pressed media outlets not to run unedited videos or transcripts of al-Qaeda leaders, while military commanders in Afghanistan have restricted the movements of reporters there and, in at least one case, threatened a newspaper correspondent, according to the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). "

But direct government repression of the press is not the greatest threat to a free press that Americans face. The principle and practice of a free press that can allow the citizenry to scrutinize government's performance is most frequently undermined by press outlets themselves that uncritically channel the highly managed pronoucements of officialdom. These media outlets frequently have close ties to interests that profit from official policy, and they actively participate in shaping public opinion through their editorial choices, all the while claiming to be objective.

Tonight on the program, we'll explore the propaganda methods being used to create public support for war. We'll begin with part one of a documentary series from Radio Netherlands, the War of Words. Then, The Fire this time, a documentary from the UK on the 1991 gulf war and Iraq sanctions, that was produced by 2 british journalists in response to media self-censorship there.


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